After thousands of devastating attacks on Asian Americans across the United States, Asian American Poet Karina Hsieh created Generate Love, a t-shirt campaign to bring people together and support the Asian American community. With violent attacks across the US (and world) where bystanders blatantly ignored the abuse, Karina felt that bystander intervention training is the most effective and hands on approach to help keep the Asian American community safe. As a result, Karina decided to donate 100% of profits to Hollaback! an incredible non-profit running free bystander intervention trainings and other effective means to end harassment in the world. 

Thus, Generate Love was born in 3 weeks! We are designers, creators and dreamers based all over the globe (London, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and the US) with the same vision to generate more love in the world. We fully support the #StopAsianHate movement that raises awareness of the violence against Asians and would like to add on to the conversation to #GenerateLove focusing on what we want to manifest on this planet. With everything that's happening, we think this message is more important now than ever. 

We are one heart, one people. Thus, our shirts revolve around the themes: "One heart" (一心) and Love (爱), the everlasting bond that connects us all (∞).

In these difficult times, we must remember that we are one. 

Humankind. We are both. Human. Kind.

Let's Generate Love. 


Meet the Designers

Nuno Correia - NU-London

The Most Satisfying

Stacy C. - Usagi Designs

Joc - LetterJoc